Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bloggin Time

Somewhere between marketing, creating and all that paper work that goes with a business, I hope to be on here more. Have been neglecting my blog, which is not good because it's one of my favorite parts of my company, ( other than zoning out in the studio ). Here is a precious ring I just love and had to put in my shop at It reminds me of the freedom I had as a child to run around my grandparents property and on special occasions, was allowed to cross the big field next to their place to go get an ICEE! Of course, I had to go with one of my brothers or sisters. We felt so important because we could just tell the man at the little store to " put the cost on my grandfather's account"!! Wow what a real treat! I miss that simple and relaxing life. We should step out once a week at least and just run our hands across the blades in the grass or smell the flowers at the market....then smile :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Company Name Change

Effective January 2013, Resa Art Design changed names to Resa Wilkinson Jewelry. I will be creating a new blog under this name and will post it here. I hope everyone will follow me there.:)